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Claire Muehleisen

I have had a strong connection to art and music throughout my life. I grew up moving between Washington State and Salt Lake City, Utah, often visiting my grandfather’s art studio in Mexico where I was exposed to the rich artistic culture there. It was during these formative years that I learned how integral art … Read more

Talked with the Galaxy

  Talked with the Galaxy, our 6-song EP, released worldwide 8/25/2023. Our deepest intentions when creating songs is to tap into the raw and real emotions of this human experience~ activating healing, higher consciousness, joy and LOVE. This upbeat indie rock EP carries an underlying theme of the wonders of our multidimensional nature, and connecting … Read more


  In sync with the rhythm of your feet Running with the rhythm of the forest floor In tune with song of the sky You are one with the wind Couldn’t stop if you tried Light warrior jumping timelines Trust fall~ Into the unknown In sync with the rhythm of the sea Running with the … Read more

HaHa Hoo

Haha Hoo is an upbeat high-vibe song about embracing the wholeness of who we are while in these human vehicles; full embodiment of our true selves. And how we can enjoy these bodies through movement and dance, rising each day howling at the sun, joyful to be alive and face a brand new day!   … Read more

One Foot in this World

My Dad passed in 2020 a day after my birthday and 7 months after my mom passed. I had some friends ask me how I could possibly handle the death of both parents so close together in time. What helped me was two things. The first was having lot’s of good cries, the kind where … Read more

Into The Deep

I had my first out of body experience when I was seven years-old. I witnessed the glory of the sun rising and felt the deep, divine peace of the great spirit. Days later I answered the home phone to be greeted by a woman who spoke in words of a language I’d never heard, yet … Read more

Holding Space

The first handful of times I shared this song, I cried. And I wondered if I’d ever be able to sing this without crying. These were not tears of sadness, they were tears of my heart expressing itself more raw and vulnerably than I ever have in a song. “Holding Space” is a love song … Read more