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“What lies behind us, and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” ~Waldo Emerson

Hello! We’re we’re Waking Bear, a pos-vibe, indie/alt rock band from Olympia, Washington putting out high-frequency originals and uplifting audiences! Like everyone, we’re works in progress, doing the best we can!🎵❤️🎹🎸🥁🌞🌈⚡We love writing and playing songs that give us goose bumps and uplift us! Our shows take people on journeys into the heart, through the good times and the bad, leaving listeners feeling inspired to live life to the fullest. Our shows are a celebration, a ceremony of gratitude for this life.

Waking Bear was founded in 2018 by songwriters Noah Bears R. and Ivy Jordanne, each additional member trickling into the Bear family in divine timing: Daniel, Scotty and Doug. Five musicians coming from diverse musical backgrounds and all contributing to the range of styles heard within our songs. Our first full-length album, Trust Fall, was released in early 2021. This heartfelt album weaves together themes of trusting the universe, in something greater than ourselves, and that all is working out for the highest good. 

“Waking Bear” means coming out of emotional hibernation, expanding self-awareness and awakening to the deep love and joy that is available to all of us.

Noah Bears R.

Lead Vocals, Guitar,
Mouth Trumpet,
possessed by higher
love at times
Read more about Noah
Ivy Jordanne

Lead Vocals, Keyboards, walking between realms, unicorn status,
mama to Lady Bug.
Read more about Ivy
Deja Liloquy

Lead Guitar,
Transmitting magical uplifting solos of glorious rainbows.
Read more about Deja
Scotty Jones

Bassist, Teacher,
Perpetual Learner
and Rootsy Groove Master

Read more about Scotty
Doug McNeely

Drumming is life!

Read more about Doug
In Memory of Scott Ercoliani
riding wave called rhythm and having f*#^ing blast doing it.
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Roaming the neighborhood and hanging out with any family that feeds him

Yeah, I was puppy in pic, but I’m almost 5 years old now! I’m pretty much Lady Bug’s big brother (see next bio). She tries to lick face the time and follows me everywhere. My dad, Noah, even called lady bug my mini-me. So annoying! Anyway, I love to fetch balls and play tug-of-war. Other pretty much about eating and snuggling.
Lady Bug

Playing, Eating, Sleeping, Pooping

I don’t really know this band. I don’t even play instrument. But it pretty fucking cute and the ladies seem to love me.
Poe & Fin

Pretty much ruling the roost and doing whatever we want

I’m Poe. Finn’s my little cousin, he’s in spirit world already. We still play together. I’m a super loving cat, but I can’t help hunting all night and sleeping most of day. It’s just my nature. It’s what I do. I’m cool, because on soul level, even the birds, mice, rabbits and squirrels that catch.