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Best Bigfoot Museums in the US

California has plenty of Bigfoot museums to go around. Their legacy as the birthplace of the modern Bigfoot boom — along with California’s exuberance for the quirky — mean that the Golden State is very lucky to have multiple great Bigfoot museums. But if you aren’t in California and would like to visit a Bigfoot … Read more

Where to Find Bigfoot? Try the Bigfoot Trail!

There is a wish held by every cryptozoologist, Sasquatch enthusiast, child, playful adult, and avid hikers: to see Bigfoot. Pictures, film footage, and plaster casts are fine. Mysterious hair and bones in the forest will work in a pinch. But, in the end, people want to see Bigfoot with their own eyes. And that isn’t … Read more

Bigfoot Mania: the Rise of Sasquatch as a Pop Icon

We’ve covered Bigfoot’s presence in human societies before. Bigfoot, or something like it, has been the stuff of popular legend across time and place. It seems wherever people gather, there are stories to share of a strange, hairy, humanoid animal who stalks the forests and mountains of this immeasurable world. Also as we’ve covered before, … Read more

Is Bigfoot an Alien?

There are many, many theories about Bigfoot. And the origins of the cryptid are still up for debate. We can adapt a certain saying and state: wherever there are two Bigfoot researchers, there are three theories of Bigfoot’s origins. The scientific materialist minded believers stand firm: Bigfoot is a fellow hominid. Others, as we have … Read more

What Does “Sasquatch” Mean?

Bigfoot goes by many names around the world, but in North America, one of the most common is “Sasquatch.” The word comes from the Sts’Ailes people, popularized in the first half of the 20th century by a Canadian duo who documented the stories of an upright, hairy humanoid known as “wild men.”  The word Sasquatch … Read more

The Beginning Of Bigfoot: The First Modern Sighting

As we have discussed before, Bigfoot is not specific to our time or place. People have witnessed similar creatures roaming the forests all over the world for millennia. These stories are united by the features of a large footprint, head-to-toe fur, and an upright gait. With that being said, there was a particular event that … Read more

Bigfoot’s Cousins: Other Great Apes in Folklore

An exciting part of Bigfoot research is that similar creatures appear in tales and eyewitness accounts across the world. Stories of large, hairy creatures walking around on two legs show up in many mythologies and folklore, making for an interesting cross reference.  There are two ways to understand this. Many skeptics will claim that it … Read more