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Finding Mermaids

We have covered some of the strange mermaid sightings from around the world. We have speculated on mermaid diets and possible biological origins. All of this is pointing us in one direction: a guide on how to find mermaids ourselves. With a little planning and the right tools, finding and documenting mermaids is not impossible. … Read more

What do Mermaids Eat?

When we think about mermaids, we typically imagine them in the mythological sense. They live more as archetypes of being rather than flesh-and-blood creatures. The questions of how mermaids live, what do mermaids eat, doesn’t usually come up. But that doesn’t stop us! As we’ve discussed elsewhere, mermaids could have biological origins. And knowing what … Read more

Spirits of the Rivers and Seas: Mermaid Like Water Spirits

Legends of mermaids center around a couple of key features. The first, obviously, is that they are aquatic humans. In some cultures, that means that mermaids have fish tails and humanoid upper bodies. In other cultures, they might have fully human figures but also scales and fins or fish-like mouths. The second key feature is … Read more

Alexander the Great’s Sister the Mermaid

Today, let’s discuss a great king’s daughter born on an auspicious day, whose half brother would go on to conquer much of the known world, and who would herself marry a great king — all before becoming a mermaid. Thessalonike was a very well connected woman in the ancient world of Macedonia. While her culture … Read more

Mermaids in History: Pliny the Elder

Some of the strangest evidence for the existence of mermaids revolves around the large amount of first and secondhand accounts we receive from ancient sources. At the forefront of this is Pliny the Elder. Living in the first century of the common era, Pliny was a renowned naturalist in his time. He worked in a … Read more

Why Are Mermaids Used as Boat Figureheads?

A ship courses over smooth waters in the Mediterranean. She cuts through the gentle waves in the low sun, heading to port. The features of the vessel are exquisitely crafted, meant for the purposeful accommodation of a life at sea. And on the front of the ship, looking out into the azure waters, is a … Read more

The Little Mermaid of Denmark

A beloved statue stares into the waters off of a picturesque Copenhagen in Denmark. The figure is a beautiful mermaid mid-transformation into a two-legged human, looking out to sea with a longing gaze, perhaps contemplating her place in between the world of land and the world of the water. Or is she considering the full … Read more

PT Barnum and the Fiji (Feejee) Mermaid

The image of a mermaid swims around in our minds as a beautiful woman, maybe she is sunning on a rock, letting the ocean spray mist over her tail as she sings. That picture isn’t new. As we’ve discussed before, mermaids have been seen this way in the West for millenia. Imagine the surprise, then, … Read more