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Livin’ the Given

And this life you’ve been given, And this love you can live in. Open up now and imagine livin’ fearless What if nothing could hurt you, not even death? And to know you’re not forsaken or ever left? What if you’re loved like a newborn baby? Your mother’s love looking you, straight in the eye. … Read more

Scotty Jones

I was a listener before I was a player. I was a player before I heard my own voice. I heard my own voice before I emerged from hibernation. And my voice softly exclaimed, “Dude, it’s time to wake UP!” Like “Waking Bear”, I learned to listen to the vibrations of the world, of nature, … Read more

Scott Ercoliani

October 1st 2021, humanity lost a star and heaven gained one… It is with heavy hearts we share with you all that our dear friend and drummer of Waking Bear, Scott Ercoliani, passed away after battling Covid for over a month in the hospital. This is an extreme loss for us, for his family and … Read more

Catch Us

Will it all come at once?Can we shake off, dance off, shrug offTake a pauseCollect ourselves to see straightBe the voice. Be the causeBe the love inside embrace those children outcastBring them home, safely homeFears go and they go and they go and they go awayOoohCatch us if ya can!Chasing our dreams to play Mind … Read more

Ivy Jordanne

I was lucky and blessed to be raised in a musical family where music was often playing in the home, ranging from oldies and radio hits to classical. My mother led the church choir and taught me to play piano, my father sings, and every Christmas we’d gather ‘round the piano as a family and … Read more

Filled with Dreams

FILLED WITH DREAMS There was a time when I was young.I didn’t know, I felt alone.I couldn’t see your arms around me.I had a need.I couldn’t believe you were there, in all your glory When I rest my mind, when I go inside.All I see is you and it makes me smile. There was a … Read more

Trust the Sky

Many have lost touch with Mama Earth. Few know how to communicate with trees or intuitively understand which plants are safe to eat, which are poisonous or what medicinal qualities they hold. Native tribes across the world, we honor you for holding this higher consciousness on the planet. This song is connecting us to that … Read more

Deja Liloquy

Born in Ithaca NY in 1988, I was introduced to guitar at the age of 17. I started taking the guitar seriously around 21 years old. My driving influences were folk, gospel, soul, blues, funk, and indie rock. I’ve experienced so much joy  writing and performing with Waking Bear. Who knows what will happen when … Read more


Origin of the Bears Noah Bears had a pocketful of songs and Ivy had an itch to get a new band going when the cosmic frequencies of the universe aligned their paths to cross in the beginning of 2018 skyrocketing an epic tale of romance, fun, travel, music and ahem more inner work (two people … Read more