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“And your heart bursts as you fall upward, into the starry sky!” ~ Waking Bear

 Join us for our next live stream show this Friday 12/18/2020 at 6pm Pacific ❤?????????


Hello! ? We’re Waking Bear, Indie songwriters and storytellers from Olympia, Washington putting out high frequency original songs  ?❤?????⚡?? and uplifting audiences into states of joy, love and gratitude. We are blessed to be traveling the world and performing keynote concerts to large audiences. Our shows, filled with original stories and songs, open hearts and help audiences to see the beautiful unexpected gifts found in even the most difficult experiences ❤❤❤.

Music for us is a celebration, a ceremony of our gratitude for this life. It uplifts us into the place of feeling deeply connected, embodying goose bumps of joy, pleasure, love and appreciation. We are all so lucky to be here!

This feeling is something we desire to share with others and it’s what our performances offer through original songs, stories that open the heart, and ceremonies that help us to transcend and expand into the deeper love.

“Waking Bear” means coming out of hibernation, expanding self-awareness, awakening to the deep love and joy that is available to all of us.

Waking Bear sings for you, for all of us, that we may remember our true nature and join together as one family of earth to lift each other up, opening our hearts to the deep divine love. May we all tune our hearts to this frequency and live in celebration and gratitude.

As the lyrics of our song, Waking Bear, go:

“Waking Bear woke early one spring.
Hungry, for food, hungry for mating and hungry to sing.
Waking bear seen many seasons, knew there were only so many he would see.

He could feed on salmon, he could feed on berries
He could run the fields free
He could make some babies with the ladies
He could nap away the days

But rather Waking Bear climbed to the highest peak.
Overlooking the kingdom to yell and sing
May we all tune our hearts to this frequency

Waking Bear danced all day and night.
He hugged the earth and looked to the sky
He was too loved to be afraid
never again would he hibernate

Waking Bear now skips in time
Waking Bear sings for us
So we may remember love divine
Together we lift each other up

And so Waking Bear climbed to the highest peak
overlooking the kingdom to yell and sing
May we all tune our hearts to this frequency”