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Is Bigfoot a Supernatural Natural Creature?


Hidden in the deepest depths of the forest lurks a furry, ape-like creature. He’s tall, he’s hairy, and he has a body part that is so large, he’s named after it: Bigfoot. 

Bigfoot is said to have similar features to that of a bear or monkey. The first official day and location of Bigfoot are unknown, but the earliest sightings span all the way back to the 1700’s. Back then, there were many “wild man” or “hairy man” sightings, as well as cave drawings. Some even called the creature “Sasquatch.” Bigfoot was considered to be a cannibalistic man, but one that many ignored. Although the initial Bigfoot sighting happened many years ago, the creature was not officially named until the 1950s. 

In 1958, California loggers found large scale footprints in the woods, and reported their findings to the Humboldt Times. They called the creature “Bigfoot.” To this day, that name has stuck. 


It has been many years since Bigfoot became a cultural mystery and theories on his purpose continue to flood the internet and news. 

One of the most fascinating theories on Bigfoot is that he is an inter-dimensional or extra-terrestrial being. Bigfoot has been linked to UFOs since 1888. Some Native Americans noticed a “small moon” (UFO) depositing three “crazy bears” (Bigfoots) on earth. A more recent claim came from Reafa Hetfield of Cincinnati, Ohio in 1973. Heitfield and her daughter believed they saw both a UFO and Bigfoot touch down in their simple trailer park. Shortly after, the star ship and the inter-dimensional being disappeared. A few weeks later, a Pennsylvania farmer reported a similar incident. 

As absurd as these theories may seem, they are not misplaced. Just a few years before the Bigfoot UFO sightings in Ohio and Pennsylvania, the CIA investigated a sighting at Presque Isle State Park. This sighting also had a UFO and Bigfoot. Ultimately, the CIA dismissed the creature as an ordinary raccoon, but they never could explain the UFO. Even though the CIA disbanded this case, the theory that Bigfoot is an inter-dimensional does disprove other doubts. 

Many believe Bigfoot is real, while others consider him a myth. One of the main reasons researchers have disputed Bigfoot’s existence is the lack of fossils. Even though there have been a number of Bigfoot sightings, no solid evidence of its life has been found. 

The “Bigfoot is an inter-dimensional being” theory solves this mystery. Bigfoot’s consistent travel through various dimensions would explain the lack of physical proof. Some claim to have seen him disappear through flashes of light– these flashes of light are believed to be portals. Bigfoot can quickly travel from one dimension to another, analyzing and helping each world. 

What’s particularly interesting about this theory is the skepticism behind it. Even some of the most intense cryptozoologists deny this idea. There is proof, research, and belief that this could be the truth behind Bigfoot, but very few believe it. 

But if the theory that Bigfoot is an inter-dimensional who was sent to earth to save humankind is true, how will he help us? And how has he helped us in the past? 


Authors of The Paranormal and Popular Culture, Darryl Cateraine and John Morehead, discuss the version of Bigfoot that is said to have supernatural powers. We know he can travel to the earth by UFO and through portals. He speaks with growls, groans, and grunts, but he can also communicate telepathically. The earliest record of telepathy with Bigfoot came from the Native Americans. 

Many Native American tribes have claimed to see the wild man and have spoke of him as a beast with supernatural powers. Various northwestern tribes professed that these mystery creatures (bigfoot) killed with hypnotism by, “throwing their voices.” The Sasquatch creatures could turn their voices into human voices of the mind. Although these tribes did not fare well with Bigfoot, others have had contrasting opinions of him. 

As recently as 2007, a husband and wife named Donnie and Lynne had an interview with Mysterious Universe where they discussed their telepathic communication with Bigfoot. The couple had been trekking through Ouachita National Forest Park when they came upon the ape-like creature. The beast was large, bulky, and hairy. It had brown fur with hits of white. The two were immediately frightened until they heard a kind, feminine voice in their head, “Do not be afraid. You will not be harmed. Do not come closer.” This statement supports the claim that Bigfoot mimics the human voice, but it doesn’t paint him as the violent creature the Native Americans experienced. 

This is one of many incidents in which people claim to have spoken with Bigfoot telepathically. There was recently a documentary released called “Sasquatch Speaks,” where over 10 people recount their conversations of the mind with Bigfoot. The patrons in this documentary discuss their experiences with Bigfoot, how they communicated, and how they helped them. These experiences aren’t totally matched, but a common theme among them is the kindness Bigfoot showed, and the soothing voice he had– a human voice.   

One of the women in this documentary spoke of Bigfoot’s healing powers. Bigfoot’s purpose is unknown, but this could have something to do with it. Other powers this creature is said to have is the ability to shape shift, change the weather, and regenerate the rain forest. Bigfoot has been considered an environmentalist, and with the constant crumbling of the earth, maybe that’s why he was sent here. 

Overall, this theory on Bigfoot is hard to prove, but worth researching. If he does have supernatural powers, an investigation could be necessary. Bigfoot could be kind or evil. He could be on earth for humankind, or to benefit himself and his “alien race.” 

Although this idea is far-fetched, no one will truly know who or what Bigfoot is until we acquire quality evidence. Until then, theories and claims will keep buzzing through the media and internet.

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