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Original Song Written For You

Have Waking Bear write an original song for you

Hey thanks so much for your interest in Waking Bear writing an original song for you!  The support from our followers means everything to us as it helps sustain our music and keep Waking Bear moving ahead. We’d be thrilled to receive your support, to welcome you to the Bear family and to play a show at your house! 😍🌞🎉🌈🌎🐻🎸🎹 Thank you for even considering it!

Below we’ll describe in more detail what this adventure package includes.  If you have any questions, concerns or just want to say hello, feel free to message us.

Here’s what’s included in the “Original Song Written For You” adventure package:

⚡One original song written on a topic of your choice (assuming we vibe with the idea) The process begins with a zoom or phone call in which Noah & Ivy can hear your idea. Both of us are used to writing songs when we’re inspired by our own experiences and feelings, so we want to make sure we can really connect to the feeling, the inspiration and the meaning of the song you’re wanting. We’re also open to getting a feel and vibe for what the songs might sound like to you. Maybe you have a melody a bass line or chord progression you’ve come up with. Maybe you have some lyrics or even a name for the song. If we resonate with what you have in mind and we all want to move forward with the project, then Ivy and Noah would write the lyrics and compose music, including your inspiration and ideas into the composition.

 Writing a song can take time. So we want to give ourselves a couple months to put a song together. Once Ivy and Noah have a rough sketch of the song, we’d  start playing it with the band and allow other layers of the song to develop. We’ve learned the hard way that we can’t rush this process. Songs need time to marinate, for new creative ideas to flourish and sometimes it can take a while before we feel it’s ready to record and publish. We all want to feel solid, like the song has ripened, has become it’s best self, and only then would we begin the recording process. If everything stays on schedule, the recording, mixing, fine tuning, and mastering process takes about a month, from start to finish, but sometimes longer. So it’s realistically 3 to 4 months before a song is ready to publish.

Once the song is ready to publish we’d schedule it to release worldwide on all streaming platforms available through our distributor, these include all the big ones, like Apple Music, Spotify, Google Music, YouTube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp and the list goes on.

Lastly, as a finale for this process, we’d schedule a live public stream performance of the song dedicated to you or the person of your choice.

⚡Listed as a Waking Bear Spirit Supporter on wakingbear.org  This benefit may not mean that much to you, but for us the continued support of our listeners means the world to us and we’d like to acknowledge and honor you. The contributions made to Waking Bear through these membership tiers help to keep Waking Bear moving forward, writing songs, recording and touring. We’re extremely grateful and so, with your permission we’d love to list you as a Waking Bear Spirit Supporter on our website. This page will be coming soon.

We also have subscription memberships, more info here and other Waking Bear Adventure Packages available, including:
⚡Please contact us before paying for this package so we can make sure the dates work!

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If you have any questions, concerns or if there’s anything we can help with, please don’t hesitate to ask us, here.